Reverse vending machines

Reverse vending machines swap recyclable materials such as plastic bottles, glass bottles and aluminium cans for special offer vouchers.

Reverse Vending Machines

Can & plastic bottle vending


Glass bottle vending

The RVM 1000 is perfect for businesses that have a large quantity of glass drinks bottles.

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Can, plastic & glass bottle vending

What is a reverse vending machine?

A highly efficient recycling machine that is used by the general public to deposit empty single-use beverage containers in return for a monetary or non-monetary reward. Once the machines are filled, the compacted bottles and cans are collected for onward recycling. RVMs provide a simple and effective solution to prevent beverage container waste from polluting our land and oceans.


How does a reverse vending machine work?

Reverse vending machines have gained significant popularity in the last five years. Impressive levels of user engagement across Europe have led to up to 97% of beverage container recycling waste in some countries. The machines will accept empty aluminum cans, plastic, and glass bottles, and return a reward. 

Government Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) may vary with different rewards and/or rebates. Without DRS , discounts, promotions and special offers from participating businesses can all be offered including making charitable donations.